I am an NYC based commercial photographer but I offer private client sessions at my discretion. Thanks for your interest. For your convenience I’ve shared a little about me and my work below and if you have any questions feel free to reach out.

What’s my approach? I believe that capturing memories from your day should be both intentional and candid. With this in mind I consult with couples to get a feel for your personalities, your preferences and your style and when we shoot I allow you to be you. I help plan so we know where we want to be and what we want to do leaving indecision largely out of the picture. While we shoot I’ll adjust and gently prompt so you don’t have to feel awkward or as though you need to know how to pose and I allow you time to just enjoy the moments with each-other. We’ll naturally move between planned shots and candid moments. I utilize natural light in my work and I am comfortable and experienced in any lighting or weather. My priority is to capture and create memories and for you to be able to actually enjoy your day.

What makes my work different? Well to put it simply not all photographers are artists, some are professionals who know how to technically use a camera. I was painting and drawing and sculpting and sketching before I ever started shooting. My eye is why my clients hire me and it’s what makes my work different. I studied art and design in addition to later transferring my studies to an interior design major where lighting and spacial composition are key elements. All of my art background comes into play when I shoot. I am a fashion photographer by profession but I accept private clients (wedding and engagement) because I enjoy the personal and “life” aspect of this type of work. I work with people who want the absolute best to capture their day and I am exclusive about accepting clients because it is important to me that it is a good fit.

What are my FAMILY rates? I shoot with families ONLY by referral.  Please email for a rate sheet and indicate who referred you. Most of the information on this page is tailored toward wedding needs so feel free to reach out if you have questions. Deposit is required to finalize a booking.

What are my WEDDING rates? I offer my rate sheet on request, estimate a simple wedding package/base rate at 5k and luxury wedding and travel packages range between that and 10k. Flights and stay must be covered by the client, all else is fully inclusive with the package you select for your event. There are never any surprise or additional fees unless you ask to shoot something outside of the wedding package and then we would agree on a separate rate. Deposit is required to finalize a booking.

How are photos provided? Images are delivered via download link for engagement and family sessions. For wedding they are provided on my custom Hard Drive in a Keepsake Box. Images are provided at 15″ long edge 300 DPI (printable up to 30″) and in a folder you will also find selects pre optimized for web at 72 DPI so you can post and upload to social media without worrying about large file sizes.

What is my editing process? Images are light balanced and color corrected and a custom filter may be applied. Obvious blemishes are removed from key photos. Most images will be in color, some images will be provided in B&W if they lend themselves to it.

A little more about me: I am a mother, I have a little daughter, and spending time with her is always priority one. I love travel, reading, snowboarding, water-sports, spending time with friends, exploring and adventure and I’m a total foodie. I love my work and so pouring myself into it never takes effort.

I hope we have the opportunity to work together, you can inquire about booking your shoot on the CONTACT page.

Have a wonderful day!